Friday Rant: Orlando Drivers Suck

Every once in awhile certain things just really grind my gears. I know I shouldn’t let it get to me, I know I should just move on. But one of those things that grinds my gears on a daily basis is the drivers in Orlando. They are terrible!

I know, I know; everyone going faster is an idiot and everyone going slower is a moron. But, it’s not even that. It’s Orlando drivers total disregard for other drivers on the road.

Slower traffic keep right means if you’re not passing someone, get out of the left lane. It’s that simple. It’s not your job to police me if you think I’m driving too quickly. Just get out of the way.

Along with the above, if you don’t want to travel the speed limit, stay out of the left lane. For a scientific explanation about how traffic flow is negatively impacted by drivers staying in the left lane, visit this site. Be sure to watch the animation at the bottom of the page.

Use your turn signal. I know it can be a hassle to put down your phone and flip that turn signal but, try doing it, people won’t rear end you nearly as often.

Here’s the most ridiculous: honking is not illegal! If I honk my horn, it’s a short beep to tell you to go or make you aware you cut me off and I had to hit my brakes. Once the horn stops making noise, I’m over it. There’s no need to slam on your brakes and flip me the bird. No need to follow me to where I’m going and tell me you’re going to call the police because honking in Florida is against the law. Just pay attention. That’s all I ask. Don’t pull out in front of me when I’m only 100 feet away doing 50mph. When the light turns green, go. When you come to a four way stop, don’t sit there for two minutes, go when it’s your turn. Don’t stop in the left lane when you realize you need to turn right. Don’t zip across three lanes of traffic because you need to be in the left turn lane.

Contrary to what most people believe, they are not the most important person on the road. I don’t think it’s too much to ask for drivers to understand the rules of the road and have common courtesy for other drivers on the road. I wish more people in Orlando would agree with me.


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Bryan is the founder of 2 Rights Make a Left. While obtaining his J.D., Bryan researched and wrote extensively on Capital Punishment, an issue that remains close to his heart to this day. He has spent the majority of his adult life involved in politics in some form or another. Bryan spends most of his time reading, writing and discussing all things politics. Bryan loves to travel and, if he had his way, would constantly be jetting off to another destination. The rest of his time is spent following his beloved Bears, Bulls and Cubbies.

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