Reasonable People Compromise

Yes, yes they do. Compromise is a part of life. Compromise occurs every day in your relationships with your significant other, your friends and even strangers. Compromise is not a bad thing: without it, our society would crumble. If everyone was stubborn and refused to compromise, things wouldn’t work, nothing would get done. Wait… isn’t our government shut down right now because of a refusal to compromise? Yes, yes it is. And whose fault is that? Why, Democrats, of course!

Susan Brown writes over the weekend for Right Wing News:

Reasonable people compromise. Unreasonable people do not. Instead, they trample over those around them to selfishly get their way. And the government is shut down this chilly October day in 2013 because unreasonable Democrats behaving like spoiled children would rather refuse treatment to terminally ill children, ravage the economy, disparage veterans and make the rest of our lives miserable – than compromise.

I’m afraid Ms. Brown is confusing the word “Republican” for “Democrat.” The Affordable Care Act is law. It’s not a bill, it’s not a motion, it’s not a proposal: it is law. Can laws be repealed? Absolutely! But you don’t repeal a law by shutting down the government because you don’t like the law.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., took the Socrates approach to bad laws: civil disobedience. You recognize that a law is in fact law and must be followed even though you disagree with the law. You work diligently and legally to repeal the law. This does not include shutting down the government and putting hundreds of thousands of people out of work without pay.

Ms. Brown continues:

Obama-Reid-Pelosi definition of compromise: “Name-calling, threatening, and making life miserable until Republicans give up everything and Democrats give up nothing in order to get your way.”

Once again, Ms. Brown is confused. Democrats are not asking the Republicans give up anything. Democrats are simply requiring the Republicans on the Hill to do their job and fund a law. The temper tantrum in this instance is being thrown by Republicans who are upset that the ACA is law. They are the ones stomping around making fools of themselves acting like little children who aren’t getting their way.

I fear, however, that President Obama, like many parents dealing with out of control children, will cave to the unruly Republicans. I hope that I am proven wrong because this is not a time to cave; now is when the parent holds firm and shows the child that there are rules to follow and screaming and crying about not getting your way is not how people act… unless, of course, you want to grow up to be a member of Congress.

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