We Don’t Negotiate with… Presidents?

Recently re-elected as Speaker of the House, Speaker Boehner has decided it is the best policy to take unilateral action in the Republican controlled House. That’s okay, though; that’s usually what occurs. What doesn’t ordinarily occur is for the Speaker to remove the President from negotiations. The influential editorial page of TheWall Street Journal on Wednesday urged… Continue reading

Geithner says Tax Rates must go Up

Secretary Geithner made the rounds on the Sunday morning shows attempting to rally support for President Obama’s plan to avoid the fiscal cliff. This plan includes, among other things, increasing taxes and reducing President Bush’s tax cuts on those making more than $250,000 per year. Here’s what Secretary Geithner said on CNN’s State of the… Continue reading

Go Vote!

Tomorrow is the big day. Tomorrow is election day. If you haven’t voted absentee or at one of the many early voting locations, tomorrow is your day to have your voice heard. Make your voice heard; go vote! The best national information can be found here. For those in the pivotal state of Florida, you can find… Continue reading