Politics 101

For those local, Stetson University offers a one day conference every year on politics. Don’t let the title fool you: it’s a great networking event and you can always spot past, present and future candidates. Here’s the press release: On Saturday, September 14, from 10am to 4:30pm in the Carlton Union Building’s Stetson Room, Stetson… Continue reading

My Favorite Blogs

I spend a good portion of my day reading political blogs, for which I used to use Google Reader. Since Google announced Readers demise a few months ago, I’ve since switched to Feedly and, while it’s visually pleasing with it’s magazine style layout, I do miss the simplicity of Reader. What blogs do I read?… Continue reading

Go Vote!

Tomorrow is the big day. Tomorrow is election day. If you haven’t voted absentee or at one of the many early voting locations, tomorrow is your day to have your voice heard. Make your voice heard; go vote! The best national information can be found here. For those in the pivotal state of Florida, you can find… Continue reading