Labor Day 2013

Today is Labor Day. Like most of you, we’re not working. Maybe we’re out back grilling. Maybe we’re on our buddy’s boat. Maybe we’re watching golf. It’s quite possible we’re doing all of these. Let’s remember the meaning of Labor Day: to remember the working man… by not working!

Check out America’s Favorite Labor Day destinations over at theĀ Huffington Post. Whatever you’re doing today, enjoy yourself and be safe. We’ll be back tomorrow with a special announcement and Wednesday with more politics.

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Bryan is the founder of 2 Rights Make a Left. While obtaining his J.D., Bryan researched and wrote extensively on Capital Punishment, an issue that remains close to his heart to this day. He has spent the majority of his adult life involved in politics in some form or another. Bryan spends most of his time reading, writing and discussing all things politics. Bryan loves to travel and, if he had his way, would constantly be jetting off to another destination. The rest of his time is spent following his beloved Bears, Bulls and Cubbies.

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  1. Lisa

    chw – Jud21,it&#8ie7;s wonderful to see you on the trip this year. I am sure everyone is enjoying your warm presence, and to-die-for cooking. We are lifting you up, and look forward to your return home!


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