MLS in Orlando

It’s actually possible. The USL championship game last weekend, which the Orlando City Lions won, procured a record crowd of almost 21,000 fans. That’s impressive considering this is a minor league soccer team.

What does this mean for the city? Well, both Orange County Mayor Jacobs and Orlando Mayor Dyer are supporting a new stadium that might well attract an MLS expansion team. As planned, the stadium would cost $85 million and be located near the Amway Center. The plan also taps $20 million in tourism tax dollars.

Personally, I think it would be great. This city needs something else people can get behind. We have the Magic and UCF. Most people around here are from somewhere else entirely and hold their allegiance to their home teams, myself included. But, having another sports team playing just down the street would provide us something else to rally behind. There isn’t much camaraderie in Orlando and having the world’s most popular sport call Orlando home would be beneficial.

Not only would it give locals another sport to go enjoy, it would provide a much needed boost to the local economy. I’m not a huge soccer fan but have been to a few of the games and they are fun. It would certainly be nice to have an MLS team call Orlando home.

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