Millions of Jobs

Last Saturday at the Freedom Summit in New Hampshire, Senator Rand Paul posed a question: “When is the last time in our country we created millions of jobs?” That is an interesting question, the answer of which would show how the economy is progressing and how policies impact job production. Mr. Paul’s answer? “It was under Ronald Reagan.”

Actually, it wasn’t.

Since President Hoover, every single president has presided over the creation of millions of jobs. President Reagan presided over the largest increase in jobsĀ under a Republican president. President Clinton presided over job creation exceeding 23 million. Quite a bit more than President Reagan’s 16 million.

I’m not that concerned with Mr. Paul’s inaccurate memory of history. What I would like to point out is the point Mr. Paul was trying to make is actually disproved by the facts he got wrong. The Senator seems to think that Republican policies are what grow the economy and, thus, create jobs. The problem for the Senator and all Republicans is that just doesn’t work.

President Reagan’s trickle down economics failed. In fact, under President Reagan, when did the economy start to improve and job production start to rise? After taxes were raised!

Republicans are trying to spin facts. It’s not working. Over the previous 20 years with Republicans in the Oval Office, 20 million jobs have been created. 27 million jobs have been created in the 14 years with Democratic presidents. Republicans are having a hard time with this spin. Maybe they should try new policies.

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    I went to Yale for grad school and I saw undergrads like Leiberman: arrogant little pricks they were, and not all that bright. Hugely lacking in judgement and character. I remain astounded that he was picked by Gore to run with him as VP. What a horrible year that was: picking between GWB and Leiberman as VP anyway.

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    I like Dr. Helen’s attempt to counter a fully researched, controlled study with a series of anecdotal references.Could it be that she’s just too close minded to accept the study’s results?


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