Maryland is 18th State to Ban Capital Punishment

It’s no secret I adamantly oppose capital punishment. Our justice system is not precise enough to allow the ultimate the punishment, the only punishment that, once carried out, cannot be given any sort of reparation. The statistics showing wrongfully convicted in our judicial system are astounding and should be sufficient to convince any logical thinking individual that the ultimate punishment should not be used in a system where there is any flaw. Furthermore, it’s more expensive to kill someone. No one can argue with economics.

Governor O’Malley lobbied hard for the Maryland ban on capital punishment and will most certainly sign this bill into law in the coming days. He has been an outspoken member of the anti-death penalty community for quite some time. Many believe he’s contemplating a 2016 run for the White House and, while his stance on capital punishment would most certainly help him within his party, it would be a contentious point that Republicans would probably not let go and constantly find a way in which to pivot back to capital punishment.

Governor O’Malley wrote an op-ed in the Post back in 2007. It is a very well written piece that sums up very quickly some of the most compelling reasons against capital punishment. It is worth the read. Be sure to check out my pontificating on capital punishment as well. The history of Capital Punishment here and here. The process of death qualifying a jury here. The bias created by death qualifying a jury here and here. The State of Massachusetts Report of the Governor’s Council here and here. The closing is here.


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Bryan is the founder of 2 Rights Make a Left. While obtaining his J.D., Bryan researched and wrote extensively on Capital Punishment, an issue that remains close to his heart to this day. He has spent the majority of his adult life involved in politics in some form or another. Bryan spends most of his time reading, writing and discussing all things politics. Bryan loves to travel and, if he had his way, would constantly be jetting off to another destination. The rest of his time is spent following his beloved Bears, Bulls and Cubbies.

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