29: the number of electoral votes the voters of Florida have at their disposal. Florida is crucial this year. Florida is crucial in many elections but it may never be more crucial than it is this year, 2012. According to¬†electionprojection.com, Florida is the 25th most conservative state. That puts us, quite literally, right… Continue reading

Swing State Polls

In a poll by Quinnipiac/NY Times/CBS released on September 26, it appears the Romney/Ryan campaign has some ground to make up. Among likely voters, President Obama holds a commanding lead in three key states: Florida (53-44); Ohio (53-43); Pennsylvania (54-42). People were polled September 18-25. One of the most staggering stats, and one Governor Romney… Continue reading


A US Ambassador and three others were killed in an attack on the US Embassy in Benghazi. This is not a time to play politics. Apparently, the Republicans did not get that memo. Just hours after the attack, Governor Romney held a press conference in Jacksonville in between campaign stops. At the press conference, Governor… Continue reading