Swing State Polls

In a poll by Quinnipiac/NY Times/CBS released on September 26, it appears the Romney/Ryan campaign has some ground to make up. Among likely voters, President Obama holds a commanding lead in three key states: Florida (53-44); Ohio (53-43); Pennsylvania (54-42). People were polled September 18-25.

One of the most staggering stats, and one Governor Romney must change if he wishes to win this election, is that 56% of people in Florida believe if Governor Romney is elected, his policies will favor the rich. It is pretty clear that people view Governor Romney as favoring the rich and not worrying much about the rest of us. Perception or reality, this is an area Governor Romney must focus on to close the gap.

Furthermore, 47% of people in Florida say the economy is the biggest issue in this election. Typically, when social issues are of prime concern, Democrats to better and when fiscal issues are of prime concern, Republicans do better. Governor Romney and his campaign are not doing a proper job of providing information to the public regarding his plans for our economy. Governor Romney doesn’t even appear to be very comfortable, it’s as though he’s trying to sell something he doesn’t really believe in.

What should he do? In my humble opinion, he needs to do what he does best: be a business man. Tell people how he’s going to fix things and why it will work. Maybe even make it a powerpoint presentation. Seriously. That’s where Governor Romney shines and if he’s going to close this gap, that’s what he needs to do. Sure, to most, it will be boring. But, if he can break it down and not only describe, but also show the country why things went wrong, what he intends to do to fix it and how things will improve, I think that closes his gap in these swing states. If Governor Romney can execute a “till they drop” press conference, he can close the gap.

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