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Under the President’s plan, he cuts Medicare by $716 billion, takes that money out of the Medicare trust fund and uses it to pay for Obamacare.” Governor Romney continues the attacks on Medicare, attempting to scare the seniors, especially those in Florida, to vote for him because the President is going to take away their health care.

How about we look at the facts. The Affordable Care Act (Obamacare), initiated changes in the current Medicare system to bring down future costs. These changes were not aimed at beneficiares of Medicare (the elderly and disabled). These changes were aimed at hospitals and insurance companies (the service providers). In addition, these are not “cuts” as Governor Romney would have you believe. The changes initiated by the Affordable Care Act slow the rate of growth of the payments to service providers, bringing those costs more in line with other developed countries. There are NO CUTS in benefits. Yes, Governor Romney is correct that the amount is roughly $700 billion but the reason for this is because the President and Democrats on the Hill did not want to increase the national debt in providing health care to all citizens. A nobel goal.

Here’s the kicker in this whole thing: Representative Ryan’s plan, the one Governor Romney has proclaimed as right on track, actually cuts $700 billion from Medicare. Under the Romney/Ryan voucher plan, Medicare recipients would receive a coupon with which to purchase health insurance. The problem is that the amount of the voucher may not cover the amount of coverage the individual needs. Too bad. The CBO recently reported that the average Medicare recipient would pay an extra $6500 per year under the Romney/Ryan plan. If you look closely, you can see all the old people in Florida making their way to the polling booth… very slowly.

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