Why a Second Term?

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If the American Electorate does like the policies of the Barack Obama administration, why was he reelected? There are two schools of thought on this: 1) people liked Governor Romney even less or 2) people were smart enough to realize that you can’t fix things in four years.

Some people most certainly did not feel comfortable with a Romney presidency. Those people may have thought it better to stick with the devil they know than the one they don’t. And, that’s fine. I’m not going to disparage someone who used their vote in such a way. Why? Because they exercised their right and responsibility to vote. People ask me, “So, you don’t care who I vote for so long as I vote?” No, I do care who you vote for, but, no matter who you vote for, you should vote.

If you elect a president with one vision and then four years later, elect a president with the opposite vision and the, four years after that elect another president with a different vision, nothing can get done. Why? Because each subsequent president is working on undoing the things the predecessor completed. If you keep teeter-tottering back and forth electing president after president with competing visions for the country, no long term goals will ever be met.

Whether you agree with President Obama and his vision for this country or you think he is taking us in a terrible direction, at least now we have the opportunity to find out who is right. With a second term, President Obama’s policies that were implemented early in his first time, like ObamaCare, will have the time and guidance to get the traction needed to see if the policies actually work.

It’s like burning car tires and going in a circle, leaving those rubber marks on the road; you never get anywhere. But, if you hold the wheel straight, eventually the tires stop spinning and gain traction and things smooth out. It’s the same with massive policies; they need time to get traction.

Maybe this is a naive way to view the world but I certainly think it’s better than the alternative.

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Bryan is the founder of 2 Rights Make a Left. While obtaining his J.D., Bryan researched and wrote extensively on Capital Punishment, an issue that remains close to his heart to this day. He has spent the majority of his adult life involved in politics in some form or another. Bryan spends most of his time reading, writing and discussing all things politics. Bryan loves to travel and, if he had his way, would constantly be jetting off to another destination. The rest of his time is spent following his beloved Bears, Bulls and Cubbies.

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