The Second Presidential Debate

“What Governor Romney said just isn’t true.” Finally! The President came out in the second debate in much better form than the first. The President was more engaged and more assertive. Governor Romney was also engaging but it was the President who had a hill to climb because of his lackluster performance in the first debate.

About twenty minutes in, the debate started to become something Lincoln and Douglass may have been able to respect. Governor Romney and President Obama began addressing one another directly and calling each other on their exaggerations and falsehoods. Yet again, though, this was wrangled in by the moderater and a real debate was avoided.

Coming in, everyone thought the President would thrive in a town hall setting and Governor Romney would come off a little awkward. It appears everyone was correct. The President was in the zone; Governor Romney was a little off. It seemed like the Governor was a little uncomfortable in the town hall setting. That said, his rhetoric was fairly on point. As the debate went on, the Governor fell into a rhythm and started to hit on his talking points.

Overall, this debate came off as more contentious but less substantive. This was more about the President picking up on lost ground from the first debate. That said, it had moments that felt like real debates and, as everyone knows, that is something I would absolutely love to see!

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