The Vice Presidential Debate

Well, well, well. President Obama should have been taking notes from Vice President Biden. Right out of the gate, he was on the offensive. Did he come off a little arrogant? You bet. But, it worked.

It reminded me of when my parents and I argue. They get a look on their face like Vice President Biden did last evening. They have a look that says, “you think you know what you’re talking about and you may very well be intelligent, but, son, I’ve been down that road and I’m telling you from experience that you’re wrong.” Vice President Biden was channeling my father; very erie.

Congressman Ryan was very good in his own right. But, old Joe won the night. He kept hammering on specifics, and, rightfully so as Congressman Ryan kept avoiding any specifics. Yes, both men stuck to their talking points but the Vice President called out Congressman Ryan when he was unable to back up his claims with proper math.

I think Vice President Biden did a great job, but, I fear the Republicans will cry foul because the moderator also questioned Congressman Ryan when he was unable to provide specifics or give the math of the tax cuts while also increasing revenue. However, the moderator is a reporter and hammering an interviewee when he dodges a question is her job! That’s what she knows how to do!

Finally, there were a couple points in the evening where a real debate almost broke out. The candidates began addressing one another directly, asking each other questions related to what they just said. That would have been a sight to see.

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