We Don’t Negotiate with… Presidents?

Recently re-elected as Speaker of the House, Speaker Boehner has decided it is the best policy to take unilateral action in the Republican controlled House. That’s okay, though; that’s usually what occurs. What doesn’t ordinarily occur is for the Speaker to remove the President from negotiations.

The influential editorial page of TheWall Street Journal on Wednesday urged Boehner to “from now on cease all backdoor negotiations and pursue regular legislative order.” Linking to the article, a top adviser to Boehner posted on Twitter: “That’s the plan.”

Another aide cautioned that Boehner is not cutting off all contact with the president. “It doesn’t mean the Speaker isn’t going to meet with the president or talk to the president” when appropriate, the aide said.

Duncan said he was encouraged by Boehner’s commitment in recent days to return to “regular order,” saying it was imperative that the House not simply accept bills driven by Democrats in the White House and the Senate.

“We have a Republican majority. We need to pass Republican bills out of the House,” Duncan said.

Read more: http://thehill.com/homenews/house/275295-boehner-tells-gop-hes-done-with-one-on-one-obama-talks#ixzz2GxH7iGbt

It seems that Speaker Boehner is a little bitter with the way the fiscal cliff deal worked out. But, that was all his problem. Had he not waited so long, he would’ve received a better offer. In fact, he received many better offers. He had offers months ago but continued to delay and provide unnecessary stress to the American people. Maybe, instead of being angry at the man that provided sensible offers all along, he should be angry with himself and take a look at his own negotiating skills… or lack thereof.

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