Pregnancy After Rape is God’s Will

Another member of the GOP is at it again. Republican Senate candidate from Indiana Richard Mourdock said in a debate that “when life begins in that horrible situation of rape, that is something God intended to happen.”

I certainly don’t expect reasonable and logical thoughts to come from a man who defines bipartisanship as “Democrats doing what Republicans want,” but I would still expect some sort of restraint when it comes to such a personal issue. This man believes the government should force women to carry a baby to term even in the situation of rape.

This comment by Mr. Mourdock should alone be a national story. Someone who holds beliefs that are so antiquated should not hold public office. But, what makes this story an even bigger national story is that Mr. Mourdock is the only Senate candidate in the nation who has the endorsement of Governor Romney. Talk about your all time backfires!

Someone needs to calm these GOP candidates down! Seriously, is there something in the water out there in the Midwest?

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