Time for Congress to Work

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPrior to the August recess, the House GOP majority made its final act attempting to repeal Obamacare. Deja vu?

Yes, because this is the 40th time the GOP led House has attempted to repeal the legislation. Just like the previous 39 attempts, the GOP knows this has no chance of success. And yet, they still deem it necessary to waste time. Why? Because this is what their constituents want? I highly doubt it. Maybe their constituents do not want Obamacare to be law. But, do the members of the House GOP really think that all their constituents want them to do in Washington is attempt, without success, to repeal the law? Again, I highly doubt that.

But, this is nothing compared to what Republican leaders in the Senate propose. You see, they would prefer the government actually shut down rather than fund Obamacare. Senator Ted Cruz is saying that a government shutdown is ideal so that Obamacare is not funded.

Cruz is asking Republicans to refuse to vote for any budget deal that includes funding for the Affordable Care Act. Without a continuing resolution, the government will shut down on Sept. 30. Cruz needs 41 Republicans in the Senate to commit to a filibuster, or 218 Republicans in the House to hold his demand.

Senator Cruz then addressed the fact that most people do not want to defund Obamacare:

Asked about polls finding that a majority opposed defunding the law, Cruz invoked “largely useless,” slanted polls put out by advocacy groups that blame a government shutdown on Republicans. In his view, it’s President Obama who is threatening to shut down the government by refusing to take out funding for Obamacare.

Now that is a special kind of arrogance. Senator Cruz is threatening to shut down the government by not funding it after the end of the present fiscal year. President Obama is not taking any action which could even be considered a threat to shut down the government. Yet, in whatever alternate reality Senator Cruz lives, President Obama is the one who will be shutting down the government come September 30. With all due respect to a United States Senator, this amounts to a temper tantrum by a three year old who is not getting his way. Grow up!


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