Liberals Should Vote Romney because he has Executive Experience

Last week, John Ransom of Townhall discussed the four reasons why a liberal should vote for Governor Romney. I’d like to take a look at reason number one.

“Romney has successful executive experience that Obama lacks. One of the most legitimate complaints regarding Obama is that he doesn’t know how to make decisions or even how to best utilize the people around him. The presidency is an executive office in which the most important requisite is getting people to do their part. Romney can do that; Obama has shown he can not. Romney’s history is that of an excellent, forward-thinking executive.”

Contrary to what Republicans would have you believe, President Obama has, in fact, worked in business. He spent a couple of years at Business International in New York and over a decade with a prestigious law firm in Chicago. Let’s also not forget he has spent the past four years as President, which is an executive position. And, as Politifact points out, “[i]f you count the best-selling books that have brought Obama millions of dollars in royalties, he also knows something about entrepreneurship.”

Let’s go back to the nearly four years as president thing. Should that matter? Should that count as executive experience? Absolutely! Just like every president before him who ran for reelection, President Obama can rely on his record during his first term. Disposable income is up, home prices are higher and existing home sales are up. Inflation isn’t rising as quickly and a gallon of milk and a pound of apples are actually cheaper. Outstanding credit card debt and household debt is also down. Mortgage rates are lower than four years ago. And, we’re gaining about 100,000 jobs per month.

I’d say that’s pretty strong executive experience. What do you think?

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2 Comments Liberals Should Vote Romney because he has Executive Experience

    1. Bryan Driscoll

      You do, actually. Well, at most law firms, anyway. At a law firm, everyone is on the same page working toward the same goals. But, on the Hill, everyone has their own goals and special interests pulling them in different directions making it very difficult to compromise, something which hasn’t happened in quite some time, unfortunately.


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